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Welcome to Tekzone, your premier Industrial Construction Company nestled in the heart of Dubai, UAE. We are not just a company; we are your trustworthy partner in the journey of industrial construction projects, committed to delivering not just solutions but excellence in every electrical and mechanical project. With our vast experience spanning two decades, we have become a beacon of results, dedication, and adherence to the highest quality and safety standards.

At Tekzone, challenges are the milestones we cherish, fuelled by the sea of confidence we’ve garnered through 19 years of groundbreaking experiences. Whether it’s a complex Industrial electrical layout or a sophisticated mechanical system, Tekzone stands ready to bring your project to life with unmatched expertise.

Our expertise stretches across the critical economic sectors, from power & chemical plants to the vibrant oil & gas sector, from the dynamic food & beverages industry to essential utility development projects, including specialized industrial projects. We also have proven our excellence in timely completion of high-speed Industrial shutdown projects. Each project, a mark of our versatile capabilities as both an electrical and mechanical contractor, ensures your vision is built on the foundation of our technical excellence.

The exponential growth of the Middle East region has propelled Tekzone into a rapid expansion, especially in the UAE, driven by our ambition to achieve unparalleled levels of client satisfaction and service. At Tekzone, we’re more than contractors; we’re architects of the future, your partners in progress, dedicated to electrifying success and engineering dreams into reality.

Organizational Chart

In-House Training

Tekzone is committed to keeping its personnel updated on the professional, engineering and business practices. We have initiated a program to provide training sessions for the personnel on a periodic basis. These include safety training programs, certification of skilled labor, certification of quality personnel, etc.

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