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Client: Union Chlorine
MAJOR PROJECTS: 85 Tons per Day CaCl2 Plant, Phase II, ICAD –III, Abu Dhabi.
Year of Construction: 2017
Type of contract : Turnkey – Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation

Systems : Natural Gas , Filter Press , Granulation System , Reactor Units , Prill tower , Evaporation Units.

MECHANICAL: Process area steel structural building with stair case, platforms and Roofing Sheets. Piping System -Titanium, SS, CS, GI, FRP, UPVC+FRP. Process area Equipment Installation.

ELECTRICAL: MCC to Jet Fuel Pumping station power/control cabling, Inline heat shrink cable jointing, Optical Fiber Cabling/Splicing, OTDR testing, Local control stations, TTLR control panel upgradation.

CIVIL: PLV panels, MCCs, SMDBs & control panels for different systems HDGI cable trays/conduits including supports, LV Power, control, instrumentation & communication cables, Calibration, fixing and field configuration of process instruments, Earthing and lightning protection systems, Plant and area lighting.

Client: Safe Water Chemicals
Project Name: 40TPD Expansion (Brown Field) Project, Abu Dhabi.
Year of Construction: 2015-2016
Type of contract : Turnkey – Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation
System : Salt Saturator System , Hydro Chloric Acid Storage System , NAOH/Caustic Storage System , Brine Softener , Static & Rotary Equipment Installation , DC Bus Bar system. Piping: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Galv. Steel, cPVC + FRP, uPVC + FRP.
Tanks & Structures: 400m3 Capacity SS316L Tank with Natural Rubber lining 150m3 Capacity MS Tank with Natural Rubber lining Installation .
Electrical &Instrumentation : DC Bus Bar system, 20 kA DC breaker, Rectifier, MCCs, SPDBs, control panels for different systems, instrumentation systems etc. Cable trays, glanding and termination of MV & LV Power and Control Cables, data & instrumentation cables. Lighting system for MCC Rooms and street light fixtures complete with G.I. light poles, structural and pipe supports. .

Client: Union Paper Mill
Project Name: 3MW Steam Turbine Erection Project
Year of Construction: 2017-2018
Type of contract : Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation
System : 3MW Steam Turbine Generation System , Air Cooled Condenser Unit , Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel. Piping: Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel.
Mechanical: Steam Turbine, Gear box, Turbo Generator, Gland vent condenser, Air Cooled Condenser, Axial flow FRP fan with gear box and motor, Storage tanks, pumps etc.
Electrical & Instrumentation : Installation, testing and commissioning of power, control, RIO, MCC, and server panels. Cable management.